Kampala Arts Trust

Kampala arts trust is a collective of visual and performance arts practitioners living and working in public and private spaces within the precinct of Kampala. Kampala is the vibrant capital of Uganda: a growing metropolis wildly sprawling out of seven green hills. The membership comprises of over 100 professional painters, sculptors, photographers, graphic designers, video artists, fashion designers and more. Kampala Arts Trust is run and managed by a board of trustees who are specialists in the fields of concept development, design, project management, marketing and communication, finance, fundraising and legal.

Our Vision

We aspire to make the creative Arts an integral part of Kampala urban culture in order to put it at par with other metropolitan cities of the world.

Tools to achieve our vision:

  • Develop and implement concepts of public art as a tool for beautifying Kampala city.
  • Increase awareness of the creative arts as a tool for social change through art education in communities and schools.
  • Empower and inspire practitioners of the creative arts working in Kampala through symposiums and workshops to realize their full potential so as to create self reliance.
  • To promote Kampala as the contemporary art capital of the region by organizing the Kampala Art Biennale every two years (kampalabiennale.org)
  • Documenting visual art activities in Uganda through an online journal (startjournal.org), this is a research resource for all who will ever want to know about art in Uganda.
  • To build, manage and promote a Modern Art Museum in Kampala so that we can archive today's modern art for future generations of Kampala citizens.

Latest Journal
issue 1: cover picture by Daudi K.
Featured Project
Sadolin Cow Project: by Daudi Karungi
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